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About 123Autel

123Autel is part of Carsoft Benelux and is headed by Edwin Jagers. Since 1999, Carsoft Benelux has been a supplier of diagnostic equipment for hundreds of workshops in western Europe and thus an experienced player in the readout industry. Since the aim of Carsoft Benelux is to provide the best solutions in diagnostic equipment to its customers, AUTEL has been in the assortment since 2009.

Autel products have been popular with users of diagnostic equipment for years. This has not remained unnoticed in China, and the products are therefore often imitated in very poor quality. No warranty, service or updates are made available for these counterfeit products. Carsoft Benelux and Autel can never be held liable for damage caused by the use of illegal equipment. Make sure you use original Autel equipment. For example, you are always entitled to helpdesk support, 2 years warranty, software update updates, and do not worry about damage to a vehicle. In order to prevent the sale of illegal equipment, Autel has appointed a dealer for each country.


 Carsoft Benelux has been appointed by Autel as a dealer in the Netherlands (partly through the years of intensive cooperation). All products offered online and offline by other sellers are therefore illegal.

Carsoft Benelux and so Autel Nederland specialize in their extensive knowledge of the field thanks to their years of experience. On working days, there is always a staff member to assist you with your questions, and we will gladly assist you to demonstrate the product for purchase so that you can read with full knowledge about your product!

The leader off our support team is Robert Ditmann, he has been with Autel since they started selling their product in Europe. Because off his active role in the development off the Autel devices and software he is always able to support you, and your company, with any problem regarding your diagnostic tool.

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